I just wrote a two page “short” on the death of a character from a book I have not yet published. I’m working on a sequel to said book/trilogy, and saw Charlie’s death. I realized I had to write it, though it may never end up in a book. It takes place many years after… Continue reading Charlie

Cover Art for Enter the Maze

Hello! Soon, I will be offering a short story collection on Amazon. The cover art was done by a friend of mine, Jenny Mathews. You can find her art here. She is awesome! Here’s the beautiful cover. Visit her page. Check out her art, and keep watching here for more details on Enter the Maze!

Enter the Maze

I am going to publish a book of shorts soon. The stories and poems are picked, the cover art is done (and beautiful!), I have the back of the book written up (usually difficult for me) but the editing is not done. I didn’t know what I wanted as a cover, but asked a friend… Continue reading Enter the Maze

Follow the Lights

The lights twinkled in the forest, guiding the couple further along the path. She was convinced the twinkling lights were fairies. He wasn’t quite certain and wanted to turn back. She pulled him along by the hand, promising kisses at the end, no matter what. He went, but only for the kisses. The lights danced… Continue reading Follow the Lights

Something for fun

Always thinking forward… So I’ve published my first book, The Elven Prince, and it’s available on Amazon. I’m already wondering what to work on next. I’m writing another book already, but still have 18 other ones finished and waiting to meet you. Below is the very first page of Starry Night, which I’m considering for… Continue reading Something for fun