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NaNoWriMo 2017

Tonight, I hung out with a friend of mine. We were supposed to be writing, but we ended up talking about The Grey House. She is one of my editors. It was nice to catch up and to talk about the book. So here you go, update on The Grey House Book One: Two editors done, one to go! Then I have to review their edits, and make changes. Also, the cover is still being worked on. We have a ways to go, but I’m still confident it will be done by May.

On my way home, I started thinking about the lack of writing I’ve been doing. Excuses, excuses, excuses. What it comes down to is I haven’t been writing. With November coming up, I decided to use NaNoWriMo to try something out.

November is NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writer’s Month. The goal for NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words for a novel, or whatever else you can write. I have used it to edit and to write part of a novel, once. Most times I don’t use NaNoWriMo, as in the past, I was able to write whenever I wanted. That’s kind of changed in the past few years. Therefore, this year, I have decided to use NaNoWriMo to write a short story a day. Or to try to at least.

I was trying to figure out a setting for the stories. They would all be connected in some way. I decided a bar was the way to go. I love bar stories. My own or someone else’s. I don’t know why, but I just love bar stories. Therefore, my stories will take place in a bar. A Bar Called Always.

What will happen in this bar? I have no idea. Will I be able to write a story a day? I’m going to try. Will I be posting those on my page every day? Yes. What the heck, yes I will. If I don’t post a story, it means it’s either not done, or for some reason, I wasn’t able to write it. I’m going to do my best and I hope you’re with me for the voyage to A Bar Called Always.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out, I REALLY like the title. When I think about it, I feel peace. The title resonates with me and shows me a doorway to other places. And that is always a fine, fine thing.

Here’s to trying for NaNoWriMo. Here’s to A Bar Called Always. Here’s to you, readers. May it be an interesting trip.

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I just wrote a two page “short” on the death of a character from a book I have not yet published. I’m working on a sequel to said book/trilogy, and saw Charlie’s death. I realized I had to write it, though it may never end up in a book.

It takes place many years after the end of the sequel, and I haven’t seen the years between the death and the end of the book. But it had to be written. Natalia and Charlie needed that.

I’m trying to decide if I want to publish it here.

Maybe someday, but not today. I think it needs to stew some more. I think Charlie and Natalia need the time to themselves, to remember their time together and to mourn with those around them.
This isn’t the first time I’ve killed off a main character, but this is the first time that I’ve written the death of a character in such a fashion: meaning not as a part of a book. I liked taking the glimpse of that part of their lives and mourning with Natalia.

Charlie is old. He’s lived a long life, has a few kids and a few grandkids. His wife is still around and he’s dying in his home, in his bed. It could have ended differently. It could have been in battle, but it wasn’t. I wrote of him dying in the trilogy, protecting Natalia while she is still human, and didn’t like it. I wanted him to be around. And he is.

Charlie is one of my favorite characters in The Grey House. He’s not an easy person, being a werewolf, but he makes his life worth living and his death is not easy for those around him. He is kind, protective and he is very human, for an unpredictable werewolf. He has an easy grin and loves his wife and children, and he loves Natalia. And in the end, I think everyone loves him too, including Vincent Grey who gives Charlie nothing but hell for loving Natalia.

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Cover Art for Enter the Maze


Soon, I will be offering a short story collection on Amazon. The cover art was done by a friend of mine, Jenny Mathews. You can find her art here. She is awesome! Here’s the beautiful cover.

Riding The Maze FINAL

Visit her page. Check out her art, and keep watching here for more details on Enter the Maze!

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Enter the Maze

I am going to publish a book of shorts soon. The stories and poems are picked, the cover art is done (and beautiful!), I have the back of the book written up (usually difficult for me) but the editing is not done.

I didn’t know what I wanted as a cover, but asked a friend if she would be willing to take a stab at it. She read the book and came up with a good idea. It sparked the back of the book information and title, and for that I’m grateful. I have never been good with what should go on the back of the book. But it’s done. The stories are done and the art is done. I’m pretty dang happy!

In a few days, I will post the cover art and the back of the book information. The book, which is entitled Enter the Maze will be available through Amazon (print date to be determined), as is my first book, The Elven Prince. Find that here.

Happy reading!

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New things…

I’m putting a book of short stories and poems together. Hoping for a 2015 release, but not entirely sure yet. A lot of the stories and poems were released here first (on my wordpress page), but not all. And the longest story, Riding the Maze, is unreleased.
Working title: Riding the Maze and other shorts.
Will keep you updated as time goes on!

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Follow the Lights

The lights twinkled in the forest, guiding the couple further along the path. She was convinced the twinkling lights were fairies. He wasn’t quite certain and wanted to turn back. She pulled him along by the hand, promising kisses at the end, no matter what. He went, but only for the kisses.

The lights danced on, beckoning them further. The forest grew darker, until only the dancing lights, now thick in the air, lit the way. The trees were ancient and grand, taller than he could see. Moss grew on all the bark, which undulated with insects. Leaves carpeted the ground, stilling their footsteps. The wind rustled the leaves on the trees, sending shivers up his spine. He tried to pull her back. She kissed him hard then pulled him further in. She needed to see the lights.

On and on they went, as the way grew darker and darker. Finally, the path opened up. The lights danced around them, surrounded them as the couple went to the center. The lights flew around faster and faster. She let him go and held her hands out to the lights, trying to catch one.

A light landed in her palm. She cupped her hand and brought it close to see. Before she could, she felt a nip on her palm. She opened her hand and the tiny creature stared up at her, smiled, then opened its mouth, as if it were making a noise. An angry buzzing started and the lights picked up speed. He knocked the fairy out of her hands and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her toward the path, but the lights were too thick. Before they reached the path, no evidence of the man and woman remained. At sunup, the lights faded into the trees, to slumber for another year.

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Something for fun

Always thinking forward…

So I’ve published my first book, The Elven Prince, and it’s available on Amazon. I’m already wondering what to work on next. I’m writing another book already, but still have 18 other ones finished and waiting to meet you.

Below is the very first page of Starry Night, which I’m considering for publication next year.

Yes, it’s going to take a year for me to decide if this is the book I want to publish and to get it edited and to get someone to do the cover.

I haven’t 100% decided if this is the one I’m doing, and won’t make that final decision until a few months form now. Mostly want to concentrate on the release and marketing of The Elven Prince.

But, as I didn’t want to leave this alone, I am giving you a taste. Let me know what you think.


Starry Night

Chapter One, page one (and that’s all you’re getting for now)


“This line is so long! Let’s go across the street. We’ll be in the club in seconds!” Emma’s whiney, high-pitched voice grated on Caroline’s nerves, but she didn’t say anything. She was along for the ride. Gladys did speak up though, as Caroline knew she would.

“We’re going here. This is the most talked about dance club and Caroline can still come in because it’s 18 and up. And beside, we’re almost to the front. Give it a couple more minutes.”

Emma made an annoyed sound, crossed her arms and didn’t say anything more. She always listened to Gladys, because she was the oldest. Caroline didn’t really like either of her sisters’ attitudes, but didn’t say anything when she happened to agree with her oldest sister.

It was Friday night, the last night in May. Caroline had a summer job and usually worked on Friday nights, but not tonight. Gladys and Emma convinced her to come out to Starry Night, a well-established over 18 dance club in the city. It was well liked, which meant a long line. Also, all potential patrons were searched, to make sure no one brought in any drugs, alcohol or weapons.

The three sisters had been standing in line for well over an hour. The club across the street, The Last Dance, also an 18 and older club, did not have a line. Anyone who wanted to enter was allowed inside and no one was searched. There were more problems there then at Starry Night.

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Journey of the Gods

Yochi stood on top of Kan-U-Uayeyab’s temple in Kisin and watched as the sun rose above the trees. He held a spear in one hand; the other hand rested on a panther’s head. The panther was sitting on his haunches, staring out over the trees. Its sleek fur was black as night, and glimmered in the rising sun.
–>This is the first part of my first chapter of my new novel. The working title is Journey of the Gods and though it is set on the same world as my last completed novel Lost Sister, the main characters are not the same. So kind of part two, but not really. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Yochi came here often, to learn from Kan-U-Uayeyab, to ask his god and mentor questions, but also to get away from others. He liked the solitude. He knew that as soon as he was far enough away from the temple, he would hear the answer to whatever question he had, but that was the point. Sometimes, he just wanted to find the answer himself.

Last week, he turned 18. Next week, he would be going through the coming of age ritual, and he really didn’t understand why. In the eyes of his people, Yochi was an adult. The ritual would mark him as a man. He would gain a few tattoos based on any dreams he had this year, but also based on what his mentors said about him.

He had no fear of what his mentors would say. Raxka spoke well of him to anyone who would listen. Kan-U-Uayeyab reminded others of what he thought as well. But Yochi just wasn’t sure he was ready.

The ritual would mark him as a man, but what did that mean really? He felt he was a hunter and had been called one since the age of nine, when he took down his first large pray. He fought well in all his combat courses and knew when to stop. He would always try to stop a fight before it started and was therefore seen as a diplomat as well. But did all these things make him a man? Did his age? He sighed and sat by his panther. Ix Chel leaned against him and purred loudly.

He laughed a bit and slipped his arm around her. Ix Chel was there to guide him and help him do as he thought was right, not what others wanted him to do. She was the only one that seemed to understand his doubt. He had several discussions with his sisters, but they seemed not to understand. Nimah, Nimla, and Emetaly all went through the ritual without giving it much thought. He remembered watching them go through the motions and knew he could not do the same.

All his life, Yochi had performed rituals while keeping the words and meanings in his heart. He had recited the words to the coming of age ritual too many times to count in the past year. He was expected to know it by heart. Problem was, he didn’t feel it in his heart. The words fell flat from his lips.

He shook his head. He couldn’t do it. No matter what his family thought, he could not go through the ritual. Now he only had to tell his mother and father.

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Lost Sister – Teaser

Here it is! The first part of my novel Lost Sister. This is the one I finished during Nanowrimo. It also spawned the new novel I am currently working on. Hope you like this. Have fun in life!


The woman ran as fear gripped her mind, making things hard to process. The city flashed by around her, but she couldn’t stop to ask for help. Something was chasing her. Something large.

Nikki ran into someone and finally did try to talk to the man, but he stared at her oddly, as if he didn’t understand her. She tried again and realized she was not speaking in English. She didn’t know what language she spoke. She ripped away from him as he shook his head and continued on.

After a moment, Nikki realized the inhabitants of the city were gone. She stopped running and saw the city was in sad disrepair, with vines climbing the gray walls, and shrubs growing along the edges of the buildings.

Somewhere close behind, something large moved and Nikki ran on again. Her long black hair streamed out behind her, catching in the breeze. A small part of her mind urged her to stop and tie it back, in a braid of all things, but she ignored the voice and raced on.

Nikki nearly screamed as she stopped running abruptly. The road ended in a sheer drop. The city was gone in front of her. She waved her arms, trying to keep steady, and then finally just fell back on her behind to keep from going over the edge into the gray abyss. She quickly turned over and got to her feet, scrambling away from the edge.

Heart in her mouth, she looked at the city, and somehow was not surprised to see forest. She whipped back around and realized she was surrounded completely by trees. The trees were ancient, with trunks wider than her torso. The canopy mostly hid the sunlight, allowing streamlets in and nothing more. Her surroundings may have changed, but the time of day had not.

Nikki swallowed hard as the large something roared. Holding her head high, she stood her ground as the panther finally emerged from the forest. She fell to her knees. There was no fighting this creature. At its head, it was more than half her size. If it decided to stand on its back legs, it would dwarf her. The beast was massive, with sleek black fur and hungry green eyes.

It purred as it advanced and suddenly, Nikki’s fear parted. She stood tall, peace and calm taking over. She bowed her head, closed her eyes and waited for the creature to come to her, knowing that whatever her fate, this beast was not here to harm her.


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Another Day on the Job

Matt looked out at the water, wondering what he was doing. He should be at work, but today felt like a good day to stare out at the ocean and forget his responsibilities. So here he was at the docks, watching the ships and dock workers move. Other people could work today. He had opted not to.

A seagull’s cry broke this thoughts, and he took a deep breath. Nothing really mattered today. Not Krisy’s unemployment, not the baby’s sore throat, just the waves hitting the dock, rocking it gently.

“So, you ready to get this done, or what?”

Matt looked to Devon, his dragon and sighed. “No.”

Devon stared at Matt with his intense purple eyes. The sun hit his golden scales and made him seem unreal. “It’s your job.”

“I’m tired of doing that. Just once, I’d like to be able to ride you through the clouds without purpose. I don’t want to scare the people of Dartmouth. And they have a dragon rider, too. I’ve heard he’s terrifying. They don’t need to be scared and I certainly don’t need to battle today.”

“The mayor is holding the dragon rider hostage. We’re not scaring the people, we’re trying to rescue a fellow dragon. Now get on my back; break time is over.”

Matt rolled his eyes, slipped his helmet on, and did as told.

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