November 24, 2014

Kickin’ it at 48,053 words

And seeing as how I have yet to share much about the novel, here are 4 paragraphs from Chapter One. They are not the first four, but might give you an idea of what is to come:


Sam brought the bottle to his lips and raised an eyebrow. Brandon took the hint and placed his beer to his lips. Sam drank all his beer, not stopping until it was gone. Brandon did the same, but barely made it. Halfway through the beer, he started to drop the bottle. Sam reached over with his free hand and helped Brandon swallow the rest.

He took the bottle away from his guest and watched as Brandon fell over on the couch, out cold. He smiled, put the beer bottles down and went back to the kitchen. He came back with a syringe. A quick poke to Brandon’s neck ensured the man would not wake for twenty-four hours. Plenty of time to take care of things.

Sam went to the kitchen, cleaned the syringe then put it and the drugs away. He put away all the liquor, including the empty bottles of beer. He then went to his guest, fished around in his pockets until he had Brandon’s keys, cell phone and wallet. He placed those on the table, grabbed Brandon’s wrist with one hand and placed the other on Brandon’s waist.

He hoisted his guest up onto his shoulders and hauled him out of the living room. He walked through the kitchen, then carried Brandon through the cellar and dropped him onto a think, dark wooden table. Leaving the man dressed, he strapped him in with the restraints and then left the room.

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