Shana Goes Home

Shana met Bert three times before Spring Break started. She didn’t want to like him, but she did. Shana didn’t tell Larry why she was hesitant to go with Bert, but he could tell there was a reluctance. When Spring Break started, Shana packed a bag and went with Larry to A Bar Called Always.… Continue reading Shana Goes Home

Shana Meets Bert

Shana sat nervously in the booth, while Larry ordered from the bar. He was getting a couple orange sodas and some food. Her dad was getting a burger. He said they were the best in time. Shana wanted pretzel bites with jalapeno cheese. She wasn’t hungry, but she wanted something to do to pass the… Continue reading Shana Meets Bert

Lana and Chauncy

Mort waited up for Chauncy, with the two glasses and the Calvados sitting on the bar. Chauncy came at his usual time and Mort helped him haul in the boxes. After they were unloaded with the empty boxes by the door, Mort poured them both a drink. “You look like you have something on your… Continue reading Lana and Chauncy

NaNoWriMo 11/30/17

I did not “win” NaNoWriMo. I only hit 25966 words, but everything I wrote, I will publish here. I plan on finishing the stories I started. Shana’s story, Lana’s story, and Hiroshi’s story (not yet published) are not done. I want those stories fully told, to the best of my ability. I also realized I… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 11/30/17


Lana sat in the bar stool and waited for Mort to come to her. Unlike her other visits, she was subdued and didn’t interact with the other patrons. It was busy for a Wednesday, and there was a newcomer. Someone from Canada, in the 1800s. He was a trapper and a moose had attacked him.… Continue reading Lana


“Dad, where are we going?” Her voice was slightly annoyed, and a bit put off. They hadn’t walked very far, but now they were in a dead-end ally. Her dad didn’t seem like he was going to stop. Larry squeezed her hand. “A special place. You’ll see.” He didn’t like that she couldn’t see the… Continue reading Shana


Though no one really planned it, the third Friday of the month was starting to become the meeting night. Most of the regulars were here, and though the bar was not packed, it was steady. Mort noticed that Larry, Terrance, and Bert were not present. A few others weren’t at well, but he watched for… Continue reading Sometimes…

Mort Again

Mort stood behind the bar, hands on the top, thinking. The last patron had left for the night. Sometimes new people came through after midnight, but for the most part, no one came through between midnight and 8am. Most of the time, Mort was in bed by one and did not get up until nine.… Continue reading Mort Again


The door opened slowly, and an old man ambled in. His cane clicked against the concrete floor, drawing the patrons’ eyes toward him. He looked to be about 80, had short grey hair and sharp eyes. They looked his way and Mort rounded the bar to help the gentleman to a seat. “Welcome. Can I… Continue reading Terrance


The work was going well. They were expected to clear the area and get to the actual dig site by the end of the week. Chauncy was excited. It was the first time anyone had set foot in this area for a hundred years. It was too dangerous before then. Too many time ripples. The… Continue reading Chauncy