Selective Service and Equality

It’s hard for me to write this because I never really like stirring the pot on public sites. You’re never sure what people are going to say, but maybe this will help people think a bit more about equality. Also, this has been stewing in my brain for the past 22 years. It’s time to release it.

When I was 18, one of my teachers has us register to vote. For the boys turning 18, she reminded them to fill out the Selective Service information. Before signing my voter card, I paused and wondered why I didn’t have to sign up for selective service like the guys did. It bothered me, but I was less confident and less of a rebel at the time. I let the thought pass, and signed my voter registration card.

If I was turning 18 now, with my confidence and my rebellious nature turned up pretty high, I would demand to sign up for selective service and hope to get someone who argued with me, and end up making a huge freaking deal out of it.


Only men have to sign up for selective service.


Because women are still not seen as equals.

I believe that one of the ways to show that women are equal to men is to also require that we sign up for the draft when we turn 18. It may be an empty victory, as the United States hasn’t used the draft in a very long time and probably will not in the near future, but still. If we are to be seen as equals, make it mandatory for women to sign up for selective service when we turn 18. Or remove the draft all together. Either way, make it the same for both.

Addendum (5-2-15): And I do realize that women are able to join, if they wish. That’s not the point. If the USA were to break out into grand scale warfare, and we needed the draft again, women would have the freedom to join; men would be forced to join and would be jailed if they refused. That is not equality. That is gender inequality. Make it equal, one way or the other.

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