Milwaukee adventures

On July 12, 2018 I, and two friends, went to Milwaukee, WI for a day of fun and food. We started out at Float, a place that has sensory deprivation tanks. That’s right, you pay someone money to float in a pool of very salted water, in a pod that blocks out of all light… Continue reading Milwaukee adventures


via Daily Prompt: Agile   Penguin: waddles around, heavy body swaying to a song, only it hears. It travels miles to water, finally arriving, falling into the ocean, where a new creature is seen. Agile and swift, it flies, no more gravity to impede it.


via Daily Prompt: Study 1) To study: to prepare for an exam by reviewing information. 2) A study: a room in a house that has a desk and is usually used for work/homework 3) To be in a study: pertains to a group of people who are under a doctor’s care and willingly (hopefully) trying… Continue reading Study


via Daily Prompt: Entertain That prompt is great timing. It means I get to talk about what entertained me last night. Last night, I went to a show at a local bar to hear a band called The Saps. It was their last show in my area. They have one more show before they break… Continue reading Entertain

Static (Electricity)

via Daily Prompt: Static This is my first Daily Prompt. I figured it might get me writing more. These might end up being stream of consciousness, or boring or whatever. I’m trying and that’s all I care about. I live in the Midwest where we have very cold winters, snow and more cold and more… Continue reading Static (Electricity)