June 26, 2015 United States is on the Right Side of History

I’m sure there will be a ton of blogs out there today, both for and against the Supreme Court’s ruling stating that homosexuals are allowed to marry. I am one of the many people that believe – nay – that KNOW this is the right ruling. Marriage is not a privilege for the few; it is a right of all. There have been tears in my eyes all morning because of this ruling. I am joyful for my friends who can now legally share their lives with the person they love. I am so proud that the United Sates of America has now ruled that everyone has the right to be married.

One of the reasons I am happy is due to a sad situation that happened on May 19, 2013. That’s the day my husband of 19 years died.

When Jason died, because I was his wife, even though we didn’t have the same last name, the morticians that came to retrieve this body didn’t bother asking me for identification. I didn’t have to prove I was his wife, or that I had a right to make decisions on the care of his remains. I didn’t have any hassle in how to help him along his last journey and no one looked at me oddly for calling him my husband.

There are fewer things worse than losing a spouse. I would have to imagine that loosing a person you consider your spouse, but who is not seen as a legal spouse in the eyes of the law, would be a much harder battle.

Imagine loosing your spouse and having: no rights in hospitals, especially if the family hates you or does not accept you, or does not know about you. No rights in how their remains are taken care of. No rights in being at the funeral (again if the family doesn’t acknowledge you). No rights to how their belongings are taken care of. No rights (possibly) in the lives of the children. (I’ve read stories.) Those are not gone now, they still exist if a couple is not legally married or common law married, but they are sure as heck getting closer to being gone. If homosexuals can be married, their lives will not be easier, because there are still awful people out there, but in the eyes of the law, they now have a lot more rights. And that is an amazing thing.

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