Enter the Maze: Contents


Below are the titles of the works included in Enter the Maze. If there is an asterisk  before the name, that means it has been published on my WordPress page. If you haven’t read the works yet, check it out! If you have, then you know what to expect.

I thought about adding the links to the titles below, but realized that I like the idea of people searching out the stories and finding all the work that is already posted on my WordPress page, instead of leading you to the exact  story only.

Without further ado, the contents of “Enter the Maze; Shorts, poems and thoughts”

* Beautiful World
Riding the Maze
* Magic Bookstore
* The Virus
* Theraphose: an Origin
* Secret Fog
* Liquid Warm
The Usual
Lost & Found
* Plant Life
Abstract Thoughts
* Seven
* Petocalypse
* Follow the Lights
* Old Cross Bridge
Dragon Bike
* Naked Chocolate Torte
A Snowflake for Mia

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