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Hello, friends!

I have been sadly unmotivated to do much of anything for a while. Including reminding you lovely people that I have books for sale… during a season that people buy stuff for others… sigh.

Well, I do have two books for sale on Amazon/CreateSpace. You can purchase paperback or digital copies. If you purchase a paperback, I set it up so that you also get a free digital copy, because it simply makes sense to do that. If you purchase a digital copy, you can share those with others through Amazon Kindle Library. And if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read my books for free.

Lots of ways to get free stuff from me! Soon, I will tell you of yet another way to get a free book, from something I will be releasing in 12-18 months. Yep, that’s a year to a year and a half. I have decided to publish my vampire trilogy. More to come on that after the first of the year.

For the moment, thank you for reading and have a safe and happy holiday season! And if you’re where the snow if falling, please be careful. Stay inside as much as possible. Make sure you have plenty to read. Start with these!

The Elven Prince

Enter The Maze

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Enter the Maze

Welcome to the world, my lovely book:

Enter the Maze Shorts, Poems, and Thoughts can be purchased here.

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Enter the Maze – Origins

Enter the Maze is still being edited/read through. It’s a long process, and I am thankful to the women who are helping me out. I wanted to give you something to tease you and hopefully continue your interest for the book.

In the introduction for this book, I included how I was inspired to write them and what the story is about. There are a few stories and poems included in the book that were inspired by specific people, and in one case an animal. I’ve decided to let you know what those stories are and who inspired, them, but not why. For the why, you’ll have to wait for the book and purchase it when it comes out. Can’t give away all my secrets. 😉

Here are the works and their inspirations:

Beautiful world – Michael McMahan
Riding the Maze – Neil Gaiman (Yep, the awesome writer)
Petocalypse – Hazel (One of my cats)
Follow the Lights – Krista Jean
Naked Chocolate Torte – Daniel, from Chocolat by Daniel
A Snowflake for Mia – Irene and McKenna

Thanks for your interest and I’ll keep you informed on when the book is available on Amazon. Happy reading!

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Enter the Maze: Contents


Below are the titles of the works included in Enter the Maze. If there is an asterisk  before the name, that means it has been published on my WordPress page. If you haven’t read the works yet, check it out! If you have, then you know what to expect.

I thought about adding the links to the titles below, but realized that I like the idea of people searching out the stories and finding all the work that is already posted on my WordPress page, instead of leading you to the exact  story only.

Without further ado, the contents of “Enter the Maze; Shorts, poems and thoughts”

* Beautiful World
Riding the Maze
* Magic Bookstore
* The Virus
* Theraphose: an Origin
* Secret Fog
* Liquid Warm
The Usual
Lost & Found
* Plant Life
Abstract Thoughts
* Seven
* Petocalypse
* Follow the Lights
* Old Cross Bridge
Dragon Bike
* Naked Chocolate Torte
A Snowflake for Mia

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