Don’t run from politicians

A Canadian island is accepting Americans if Trump become president of the United States.  If you haven’t read it, here’s one article.  It was funny at first, but I really don’t think it is, any more.

I remember when President Obama was elected the first and second time, a lot of people were threatening to leave the USA. I think the same thing happened when President Bush (the second) was elected, as well.

It was funny for a while, but now, it’s annoying me. We’re acting as if it’s a cute idea to run away from our government. What we should be doing is fighting for what we believe in and making sure the people that will fight for us are in office. That means if you don’t go out and vote, then you shouldn’t feel you have the right to leave, just because you’re not happy.

If you’re not happy, stay and fix the problem. Running to another country isn’t the answer to our political system. Maybe running for office is. Start locally. Get involved. Find out what it looks like from the inside. Fix things.

If that’s not your cup of tea, then be sure to vote. Pester our friends to vote as well. Especially if they believe in the same candidate you want to vote for!

Revolution starts small. But it can’t start at all if the smart ones just ship.

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