Yoseph Vladimir: Cat

Story the First

Yoseph Vladimir,
Joey to his humans,
stalks the underbrush
listening for prey.

He pauses, listens,
and moves on.
He sniffs the air,
moves one paw forward,
stops again.
Patience, thy name is cat.

Finally, prey makes a mistake,
shows itself to the tireless feline.
Yoseph launches himself at the mouse,
catches it on the first try.
He kills is quickly, eats most of it,
but leaves the head intact.

Careful of his prize,
he picks up the head
takes it to where his human will see.
He places it carefully
next to three other animal heads.
Yoseph steps back, admires his latest kill,
and cocks his head.

As if understanding order,
he picks up the latest kill
and places it close to the end of the line.
He picks up the other heads,
arranges them carefully,
and steps back to admire his work.

A satisfied grin shows on his lips.
A happy purr emanates from his throat
as he heads off for another prize.
The presents are not yet right.
It needs one more.

Prize captured,
he heads home and places it
on the step,
in the right order.
Making sure each head
is in perfect alignment,
and that the one before
is larger than the one

His human will be so proud.

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