Yoseph Vladimir: Cat

Story the First Yoseph Vladimir, Joey to his humans, stalks the underbrush listening for prey. He pauses, listens, and moves on. He sniffs the air, moves one paw forward, stops again. Patience, thy name is cat. Finally, prey makes a mistake, shows itself to the tireless feline. Yoseph launches himself at the mouse, catches it… Continue reading Yoseph Vladimir: Cat

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Enter the Maze

I am going to publish a book of shorts soon. The stories and poems are picked, the cover art is done (and beautiful!), I have the back of the book written up (usually difficult for me) but the editing is not done. I didn’t know what I wanted as a cover, but asked a friend… Continue reading Enter the Maze


The depression creeps in and I wonder is it all really worth it? The silence interrupts and I wonder, will there ever be sound again? Why not end it? Does anyone care? Do I care? In this moment, the answer is no. I don’t care. And I don’t feel like anyone else does, either. But… Continue reading Depression

Beautiful world

Some people look at this world, and see nothing but the dark decay of death and destruction. You have seen past that to the beauty that resides everywhere. I look at your pictures, your snippets of reality and realize that you see beauty in everything. May I live in your world for a while?


inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting: One Second before Awakening From a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate   SLEEPING, Sleeping, sleeping FLOATING on a bed of stone. My own thoughts Mixing Mingling with memory, true and false. LONELY, lovely tigers Pricking me with a gun.   GUN like a needle,… Continue reading Dreaming…

Bishop’s Bar: Take Three (Her Turn)

She turns, hearing a voice call her name. She turns hearing nothing more then the wind. She could have been so much. But life caught up with her. Young once, she dreamed of dancing. Money and lust found a way of killing dreams. She turns hearing so much more then the wind. She touches cold… Continue reading Bishop’s Bar: Take Three (Her Turn)


The passage of time seems surreal. Has it really been that long? Has it really only been that long? The pain is less, but the memories of you are still fresh I don’t cry as much anymore, but my tears still threaten. I think sometimes, that I am ready to move forward. Then a memory… Continue reading Seven

Bishop’s Bar: Take Two (Hang Over)

“Gimme another.” No siree, says he. Refused service- tossed out stumbling to the door grabbing for the knob missing hitting glass hurting knuckles reaching again seeing double finding the knob grasping cold brass pulling open the door hitting his head. Neon sign blinking door slamming into his ass red sign burning his eyes stabbing into… Continue reading Bishop’s Bar: Take Two (Hang Over)

Blank Page

Note: Wrote this in college. Find it very fitting for NaNoWriMo. The blank page stares at him, mocking him. It is like the universe before it was born. Vast and empty, waiting for God, or science, to change it. A black spot appears, as a star or planet; an idea born of God, the writer.… Continue reading Blank Page