Censoring myself

There are times when I write things that I want to post on my blog and I wonder how many people I will piss off. I have strong opinions about religion and politics and the stupid things people do because of both those subjects.
I’m not usually kind in my rantings because people piss me off a lot. I let the anger grow, write about it and then never post it. But isn’t my blog about everything and anything? Shouldn’t I feel free to post what I feel?
Yes and no, is what I answer myself.
I’m not in the habit of making people angry. As I have gotten older, I tend to think it’s best to let things go. Mostly because I feel better when I do. There are so many things and people I want to free from my worry and mind, but I haven’t mastered that yet.
It is not my intention to piss people off, it is my intention to express my opinions. That’s the thing: it’s my opinion. Maybe I just don’t want people to take it personally. Which is interesting because when I’m writing creatively (fiction instead of non fiction) I am far more likely to put it all out there. I get to hide behind my characters, in a way. I get to act the idiot, the asshole and the kind person all in one book. I dig it.
Here, there is no character. There is only me. And that’s a bit more harrowing. A friend of mine, a published poet, once told me of his experience with publishing a book. He used a pen name, but people still found out who he was and gave him their opinion. Some of the things they said were not kind. I have always felt poetry was a piece of the writer’s soul. There is nothing to hide behind and all emotions are out in the open. As with non fiction.
I have no objection to using my real name on my books. As stated: I get to hide behind my characters.It feels safer to write fiction, to allow characters to speak my mind. But I don’t want to be afraid to allow my voice to speak.
I still don’t know if I will post everything I write about, but I wanted this out there, for my own sake. It helps to write things out.

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