tl;dr 200 Facebook likes on my writer page = release of the first chapter of my upcoming vampire trilogy

Facebook has been notifying me of views on my writer page. I’m not sure if that is reflecting new people who have not “Liked” my page yet, or if it is people that have already “Liked” my page and are just there to see if anything new is going on.

Either way, I wanted to write something to say “Hello” and let people know that though I am inconsistent on when I post something new, I am still in fact using this page, my site catstark.com and still working on the release of my new trilogy, “The Grey House”.

About the trilogy: Though it is done, the beginning needed some rework. That is what I’m working on.

Finished you ask? So, we won’t have to wait for you to finish writing the second and third one after you publish the first one? Well, not as much as you’ve had to wait for “The Elven Prince Part 2”. (No, “The Elven Prince Part 2” is not done. No, no idea when it will be done. Sorry. But thank you for wanting to know what happens.)

For “The Grey House”, yes, it is complete. I will publish the first book, six months after that I will publish the second one, six months after that, I will publish the third one. They will be published on DriveThruRPG. Why there and not Amazon with this one and this one? The trilogy is connected to a gaming book someone I know put together, which is published on that site. You can check out his stuff here. Since it is based on his world, I thought if fitting to place the trilogy on DriveThruRPG.

As a way of saying “Hello” to the new people out there viewing my page, and a “thank you” to those who continue to follow me, I would like to share some of the trilogy with you, but I would also like to see if I can bring more fans to my page.

Here we go: Once my Facebook page hits 200 “Likes” I will post the first chapter of the trilogy here on catstark.com.

I’m currently at 174. So, get your friends and family to “Like” my Facebook page, and do it yourself if you haven’t already. The first chapter awaits.

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