Chapter One, Again. The Grey House

“Hey, what’s your name?” Natalia looked up to see three young boys checking her out. They were prepubescent, probably no older than ten. This neighborhood was supposed to be a rough one, but the boys looked nicely dressed. It wasn’t Sunday, therefore they weren’t headed to church, just looked nice. She nodded to the one… Continue reading Chapter One, Again. The Grey House

The Grey House Chapter One

Natalia looked around the bar from her perch on the second floor. The bar, named Lava, wasn’t too large. There was room for about three hundred people in the two-level establishment. There were tables along the walls, but not many. There were more upstairs, along with couches to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. The size… Continue reading The Grey House Chapter One

Rewriting Chapters

When I first wrote The Grey House trilogy in 2005-2006, I included the main character’s life starting at birth. Now, I am taking that information and placing it as flashbacks through the rest of the book. Much harder than you would imagine. Why am I doing this? Well, I’ve had six or more people read… Continue reading Rewriting Chapters


tl;dr 200 Facebook likes on my writer page = release of the first chapter of my upcoming vampire trilogy Facebook has been notifying me of views on my writer page. I’m not sure if that is reflecting new people who have not “Liked” my page yet, or if it is people that have already “Liked”… Continue reading 174…