via Daily Prompt: Creature

This is from “Raven’s Blood”. The book is finished and is about piracy (sort of) and people helping creatures that I made up.

Eesan walked across the gangplank, listening to the gasps of the crew members. Some gasped in disgust, some in surprise and one in sheer joy. That person stepped forward in unabashed curiosity and stopped in front of the Oorii.

It was beautiful. It wore no clothing, had no hair, but beautiful yellow eyes, no nose, but it did have nostrils. There were no ears, but there was a flap of skin over what could be ears. It had fins that rose from the top of its head and ran down to the back of its neck, and had no genitals to speak of. Its scales gleamed a rainbow green in the sun. Denny could see its gills on its neck and the web between its fingers and toes. It stood taller then most humans and had two arms, two legs, ten fingers and ten toes.

Curiosity taking over, Denny reached out and placed his hand on the creatures slightly protruding brow. In the second their skin connected, Raven could no longer think of herself as Denny. Eesan’s thoughts were invading her own, greeting her and making her feel very welcomed. He knew of her and was very happy to meet her and see her.

Raven’s hand traveled down the Oorii’s face and rested on his shoulder. Eesan took her hand and placed it over his heart. She could feel it beating strongly against her palm. She smiled at the feel and stepped closer as the Oorii placed his hand on the back of her neck. They stepped closer again and rested their foreheads against each other.

Their thoughts connected fully and Eesan knew her story and why she was really here. Raven saw his story as well and saw how much the Oorii thought about her. She was a little embarrassed, but her heart was warmed by the sentiment. Once their thoughts were shared, Eesan pulled away. He bowed to Raven, then went to Captain Dawson. Eesan placed a hand on Captain Dawson’s shoulder and the Captain copied the gesture. In a moment, the human nodded and the two separated. Captain Dawson went to stand in front of Raven and nodded to her.

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