Do you have a permit?

via Daily Prompt: Permit

“Do you have a permit?” The stern voice stated from behind her.

Ashley turned around and saw an agent close by. He already had his badge out for her inspection. She knew his body cams would be on as well. Though she knew the man, she still took a good look at his badge. Mostly to annoy him. Once she was satisfied, Ashley nodded and set the sniper rifle down. She took off her ski mask and breathed a sigh of relief as the air cooled her warm skin. She pulled out her ID, her L2K, and her permit. She handed it all to the agent and waited as he used his electronic device to scan everything in.

“You know, you were called in.” Agent Riley Renald sounded slightly surprised.

“I was told not to be too careful. This is a warning, not a final notice.”

Her cold tone of voice made the agent look into her eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, then he nodded and looked back to her information.

“There’s a request out for you. The department is looking for good people. Interested?”

“Not yet.”

“Ashley, Captain Renald would be proud if you came to work for us. A lot of us would be.”

She looked at him but didn’t answer. After a moment, he looked back to the paperwork. Agent Riley finished scanning and documenting everything and handed her back the stack.

“Everything is in order.”

“Isn’t it always?”

He sighed as she put her things away, drew the mask back over her face and turned back to the sniper rifle. Agent Riley watched as Ashley took aim and fired at her target. A glass window on the skyscraper across the street exploded in red paint. She wasn’t using bullets, this was a warning. If it were the real deal, no one would have seen her, and she would not have been aiming at the skyscraper’s windows. Those were treated and bulletproof.

Ashley hit the window three more times with red paint, then put away her rifle. Once all her equipment was put away, including her mask, she turned back to Riley.


He chuckled. “That’d be great. sis.”

She smiled and all the coldness of earlier melted away. Riley shook his head and the two left the rooftop.

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