via Daily Prompt: Enroll

This is a continuation to what I wrote yesterday. albeit earlier in the story. Which makes me happy. Enjoy!


“Did you enroll yet?”

Ashley Renald stared at her cup of coffee and sighed heavily. “No.”

“Enrollment is only for a few more days, Ashley.”

“Dad, I know!” She looked to the large man sitting on the diner bench across from her. She looked away as he raised his eyebrow in surprise. She didn’t usually yell at her dad.

“Ashley, what’s been going on? Ever since graduation, you’ve been acting strangely.”

Graduation was a month ago. She was top of her class; valedictorian. There were several other cadets who did just as well as she did in most weapons. She excelled with the sniper rifle. No one else could do as well as she could. Ashley was able to find the target, aim and fire quicker than any other cadet, by more than five seconds. It didn’t seem like much, but five seconds could mean a lot in tight situations.

Ashley looked to Captain Renald. “Dad, I don’t know if I want to be part of the Agency. Or, well, what if I want to join the Agency, but to be a Messenger?”

He looked taken aback, but the look slowly faded. “I wanted to be surprised, but I guess I’m not.” He sighed. “Ashley, you’re 20. You’re an adult. You can do what you want. You have a few days to think about it. Please think carefully.”

She nodded and watched as her dad moved out of the booth and went to join his cronies. Ashley finished her coffee, left money and went for a long walk to figure out what she wanted to do.

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