Daily Prompt: Swallow

via Daily Prompt: Swallow

When I saw today’s word, I was a bit worried. I write Fantasy-Romance novels and The Grey House has quite a few very adult scenes that include the word ‘swallow’. I wasn’t sure I wanted to post any of them. When I arrived home, I looked up all the instances of the word ‘swallow’ in The Grey House, Book One. (I LOVE search/find tools.) And realized that I had in a way “forgotten” that this was a VAMPIRE trilogy…

So here is a rather tame use of the word ‘swallow’ from The Grey House, Book One. For more risque usages, you’ll have to read the trilogy when it comes out:

Vincent took a few swallows of her blood, then pulled his head away. He quickly reached into his pants pocket to grab a clean handkerchief. He placed it over her wound and allowed her to take her arm back. He licked her blood off his lips as he watched her turn her back.


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