Daily Prompt: Inefficient

via Daily Prompt: Inefficient

I searched and searched and searched. I have not used the word inefficient in any of the books, short stories or poems that I have written. I tried to find something related, but didn’t really like anything. Therefore instead, here’s a poem I apparently haven’t shared yet:

Monster in the Street

It’s summer.
The children are laughing, running
and screaming in fun.
The leaves are all green; fall is far off.
Winter a distant memory.

In the street, tag, football, baseball.
No one knows what is really being played,
But the children join in.

The street is new,
The subdivision less than a year old.
The river nearby was changed a little,
But not enough to destroy his hideout.
He watches the children,
Listens to their joy,
And sighs.
It sounds like fun.

The sun is starting its descent from the heavens
And the temperature drops a touch.
He can come out now;
It’s not dangerous any more.
He peeps his head out of the hole,
Looks around cautiously.
Creeps along the riverbed,
Seeking out the sound of children.

A red rubber ball bounces toward him
He gives a big toothed grin,
And captures it!
Prize in his hands, he runs up the embankment
On short stubby legs.
He reaches the field, sees the street and grins.

A small boy sees, points and shrieks!
The others turn and see
A green monster,
As small as they are,
But with large protruding teeth,
And sharp claws.
Spiked tail and horns
make this little scaled one terrifying.

The children run and scream and hide.
He holds up the ball, an offering of peace.
A sad smile shows itself as they continue to flee.
Will no one stay?
Will no one play?

One lone girl, shy but brave
Sees the monster, sees the tear in its eye,
Sees that he’s holding her ball.
The others took it and threw it.
He is holding it out to her.

Bright eyed and looking for a friend,
She approaches cautiously.
He smiles and tries to hold the ball out.
She smiles and takes it from him.
Then steps to him.
And takes his hand.

The young monster squeezes her hand back
And smiles.
She laughs and he purrs.
In unexpected places.


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