Daily Prompt: Attack

From The Grey House:

Sandra gave a small smile. “Might be due to the fact that I have some magical energy and can cast one spell.”

“You’re a mage?”

“Um…” She frowned. “Not officially. I learned the calming spell when I was a kid, but nothing else ever stuck. I’ve tried other things, and I even tried to get a mage to train me, but I could only ever work that spell.”

It was Charlie’s turn to frown. “Why that spell?”

She sighed. “Mom and dad were raised on Vincent’s estates. Dad died when I was two. Heart attack. She asked to leave, was allowed to and hooked up with this asshole who liked to beat her. I stumbled upon the calming spell and used it when he tried to hurt me. Didn’t seem to work any other time. When she finally decided to come back to Vincent’s estates, to keep her and me safe, I didn’t use it too much. Then I started working with you werewolves and tried it out. It works when the full moon isn’t out, and it only seems to work on one at a time.”


“Completely inconvenient on a regular basis and completely convenient right now.”

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