Daily Prompt: Point

From The Grey House:

The hand around her throat moved out of the way. Vincent leaned in close and brushed his lips against the pulsating vein. He could almost smell her blood as it flowed under her skin. He opened his mouth and bared his fangs. He pressed the sharp points against her skin, denting her flesh, but not penetrating. She let out a strangled sigh, and he was sure he had her.

Natalia finally felt fear, and her desires shut down. She had been trying to prepare for this moment mentally, but it still brought memories of her mother’s death. She gripped Vincent’s leg harder as she entwined her other hand in his hair. She tried to pull his head away, being careful not to act panicked. Reminding herself she still had the upper hand, she squeezed her eyes shut and clamped down on her fear. She was breathing hard and her heart was still pounding, but her fear passed. She pulled harder on his hair, and he growled with pleasure.

“Vincent?” She purred.

He made an affirmative noise against her throat; nipping her skin with his front teeth, as he thought of the many things he wanted to do to her sinuous body.

“Do vampires feel pain?”

He drew his head back, looking her in the face. It felt wonderful to play with her, but the question seemed too calculated and out of place. “What?”

She was still holding onto him and used him to steady herself as she slammed her knee up between his legs.

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