Daily Prompt:

From The Grey House:

“That only proves how far she’s willing to go to deceive you. You need to forget about her. She’ll end up killing you.”

“Interesting. The Slayer said that about me to her. I wonder which version will prove correct.” Vincent was still pacing, letting the banter continue, only half listening. He was concentrating more on the problem at hand. How to find the humans? He turned to his Alpha wolf. “Rebecca. I need you to go to the address Natalia gave us. Go now. Take a homing device with you. Find a way to plant it on her before she’s picked up. When you have a secure location, I’ll have two more wolves come out to meet you. I’m hoping she won’t be picked up until morning, but you never know.”

Rebecca nodded, going back upstairs to retrieve a transmitter from the security office. She left quickly, hoping to get to the safe house before Natalia did to scope out the location. Anthony gave the werewolf a hard look as she left, once again stating his opinion by his look and body language.

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