Daily Prompt: Hall

From The Grey House:

Miguel and Dean moved to let her pass. She went slowly but steadily to the hall leading to the bathroom, trying very hard not to look around. She stepped into a thankfully empty, thankfully clean bathroom. She sat on the toilet, taking care of business, trying to think of a way to leave a message. It wasn’t until she was reaching for the toilet paper that it hit her.

She finished up, then washed her hands, observing the mirror the whole time. She usually had lipstick and blush with her, but all her make-up was in her house. Dean gave her some lip balm some time ago, to help her chapped lips. It was clear, but it might still work. She slipped her lip balm out of her pocket and regarded the green see-through plastic stick. It was half used. Hoping it was enough; she uncapped it and started writing. She had just finished the word bomb when the door opened.

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