Daily Prompt: Smart

From The Grey House:

He gave her a serious look. “He has a lot of money. You saw his place in Marin. He has a place in Montana, too. I think it’s just as big. He also has his own plane.”

Natalia was silent for a moment as that all sunk in.

“He’s been around a long time, Nat. He’s smart and he knows what to do with money.”

“All right.” She let the thoughts go, as there were too many to contemplate. “I need a shower and breakfast.”

“I wasn’t sure you drink coffee or not, so I brought decaf and regular grounds from Vincent’s house. I can get breakfast started while you shower.”

“Sounds good. Did you shower already?”

“Nope. I’ll do that after. I have some clothing in the car but wanted to make sure you were up and knew the plan first.”

“All right. Thanks.”

Charlie nodded and left her alone. Natalia got up, grabbed some clean clothing and went to shower.

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