Daily Prompt: Friend

From The Grey House:

Vincent strolled over to Joseph and held out his hand for the key. Joseph looked his friend dead in the eye and understood. He reached into his pocket and handed Vincent the keys to the shackles, making as much noise as possible. Vincent took them, hid his glee and turned. He looked toward Keith first, who had known Vincent too long and knew the truth. His grim demeanor was ever present.

Aaron was shaking again, but this time he was trying not to grin. His eyes were obviously glued to the keys. Vincent could smell the blood rushing through the human’s over excited heart. It would taste so sweet. He jingled the keys, shifting through them and stopping at the one to the shackles. He ran his finger over the rounded teeth, wondering how many times the key had been used. Looking directly at Aaron, Vincent raised his arms and unlocked the shackles. Once released, Aaron fell at Vincent’s feet and kissed his shoes.

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