Daily Prompt: Tease

From The Grey House:

He stopped talking for a moment, as he let the memories run through his head. Natalia, not sure of the look on his face, aimed his thoughts back to his story of meeting Rebecca. “So, what happened after you and Rebecca stared at each other?”

Charlie grinned as his favorite story came back to mind. “We stared at each other for a minute or two before she unlocked the cage.” He grinned at her, huge. “We didn’t introduce ourselves until after we were done.”

Natalia laughed, feeling herself blush a little. It was odd to listen to him talk about another woman. “You didn’t even know her name?”

“Didn’t matter. I’d been dreaming about her for almost eight years. All I wanted was to be with her.”

“Was it as good as you dreamt?” Her voice teased.

In the lights of a passing truck, she saw him blush. “Better. She didn’t go away when we were done.”

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