Daily Prompt: Revolution

From The Grey House:

The smell of the place hit him like a brick the second the door started to open. Vincent turned his head slightly, thankful he didn’t have to breathe. The smell was hard down here: this was a place of death and decay. He saw the crossbow point before he saw Mierka. Vincent smiled at her once the door was fully opened. The petite blond looked at his face carefully before moving the crossbow. He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

“Good evening my dear. I trust you are well?” When Joseph had approached him about bringing her into the family, Vincent agreed with no questions. She was incredible. She had been a spy in the French Revolution. The humans never suspected she was a spy or that she was vampire.

“I’m well. They’re waiting for you in the main room. Have been since this morning.” One of Mierka’s assets was her poker face. No matter the situation, she always looked slightly amused.


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