Daily Prompt: Tongue

From The Grey House:

“What do you want?”

“A lot of things. But I’m not sure you’re convinced I could be an asset.” Her tongue was turning faster than her mind. Though she was looking for new allies, now was not the right time for that. And a vampire ally while hunting a bloodsucker would probably be a bad idea.

“An asset to whom? Me?” He let her go and took a step forward. He had to be careful not to step on Anthony’s feet. “Humans are assets in two ways: as food and as cannon fodder.”

“Anthony, stand.” Anthony did as bid, forcing Vincent back. “You forget, sir, that you were human once, and so was Anthony. I need you.” The look on her face and the tone of voice revealed how she needed him, but he didn’t think she noticed. “And I’m going to make you understand that you can use me. But for now, Anthony will walk me out. I’ll release him when I’m safe and I’ll make sure he comes back here.”

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