Daily Prompt: Cup

From The Grey House:

She paused, took a few deep breaths, then took a pull at her shake. She had to admit; the shake was delicious. It was more dark chocolate than milk chocolate. She set the cup in the cup holder. “It was late at night at a truck stop. The place had a huge parking lot. I was going to my car for something. Guy came out of nowhere, put a knife to my neck, and demanded my wallet.” She paused again. Charlie glanced over; her jaw was clenched tight. “A big trucker came out of the restaurant about that time and yelled. He thought I had forgotten my stuff in the restaurant; wanted to make sure I remembered it. The mugger let me go and ran off.

“I’ve taken some sort of martial arts my whole life. Gymnastics and yoga and all sorts of other classes, but a guy with a knife was able to get the better of me. I knew then that I had to get more training. If I couldn’t take down a man, there was no way I could take down a vampire. And then there was you.” She turned to look at him again and caught his sideways glance. “I didn’t want to be afraid to be with the man I wanted to be with. I was furious with you too. I went to the camp with the vague idea that I needed to know how to defend myself. I worked harder there than I ever have before; learned things I had never thought about learning. It felt good to work and learn like that.”

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