Daily Prompt: Dead

From The Grey House:

A gasp of hope escaped the frightened Aaron. Vincent cocked his head to look at the human. Aaron was quieting; becoming still. A look of pure hope was indeed spreading from his green eyes to his tanned face. A few more words and he would be completely convinced everything would be okay. A hard need worked its way from the pit of Vincent’s stomach throughout his body, making him tingle. Vincent loved the look of desperate hope on a human’s face. It had been a long time since he had seen it. He decided to play it.

Vincent strolled over to Joseph and held out his hand for the key. Joseph looked his friend dead in the eye and understood. He reached into his pocket and handed Vincent the keys to the shackles, making as much noise as possible. Vincent took them, hid his glee and turned. He looked toward Keith first, who had known Vincent too long and knew the truth. His grim demeanor was ever present.

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