Daily Prompt: Wife

From The Grey House:

“Why did you come here?” It was the first words Vincent had said to him.

“I was worried about Natalia.” He tried hard not to reveal any emotion.

Vincent narrowed his eyes and stared Charlie down. “The more questions I have to ask, the angrier I get. The angrier I get, the more likely I am to kill you before hearing the whole story, despite what your wife made me promise.”

Charlie ground his teeth: it wasn’t too close to the full moon. He could easily control his emotions, but he was too worried about Natalia. He wanted her to be safe, wanted to find her. His anger parted as he realized the quicker he told Vincent the situation, the quicker his boss would use his resources to find her. To his credit, Vincent left someone back at her house to investigate, but they were only to assess the situation at the house and await further information.

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