Daily Prompt: Brown

From The Grey House:

The woman who walked in was shorter than Natalia by about four inches. She was stocky, but Natalia could tell it was muscle. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail revealing a large hickey. She was wearing ripped jeans with a blue button up shirt. The shirt was open to reveal her cleavage. She was a good-looking woman, but the woman’s appearance was not what held the human’s attention. It was her necklace.

The woman wore a silver chain with a large red stone. The stone was set in silver backing and had silver markings on it. To a casual observer, the markings probably looked like a random design. Natalia had seen a large picture of it in the Slayer journals and knew better. The pictures of the one she found in the book was the pendant Vincent wore. That one had a fleur-de-lis that wrapped to the edge of the stone. This one had a paw prints behind a silver fleur-de-lis. Natalia had a vague idea what the design meant but as the red stone was the exact color of the necklace Vincent wore, Natalia could surmise only one thing. The woman worked for Vincent.

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