Daily Prompt: Lodge

From The Grey House:

Before she could reach them, she heard a shuffling behind her. Leroy, having been hit second with her staff, was apparently still aware. He was on his feet and swinging his staff at her. Natalia tried to bring up her staff but couldn’t move quickly enough. From above, another shot rang out, too late. Leroy’s staff connected with Natalia’s right shoulder as he fell to the ground dead. There was enough momentum to push her to the ground.

She was quickly on her feet and looking toward Agnes and Zechariah. Agnes stared at her, then shot at Natalia. Natalia spun to the right as the bullet sped past her arm. She lost her footing and fell to the ground as another shot rang out from upstairs. Agnes fell, pulling the trigger one last time. The bullet went wild and lodged into a wall.

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