Today at lunch, I was talking with my lunch buddies about various things and the fact that I have been spanked by a dominatrix came up. Here’s the annoying thing. I thought I already wrote about it at some point, but now can’t find it… And a friend wanted to read about it… And I wanted to let them read about it. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about it. If I was, I wouldn’t be attempting to write about it now.

I guess I can piece together enough memories to write about it, even this many years later. How long ago was it? Before Facebook. Back when MySpace was the social media hit.

So there used to be a club near Madison, WI called Inferno. The first Saturday of the month, they would have a Leather and Lace Fetish Ball. It was quite amazing. I felt accepted there, but then, there are few places in my life that I’ve gone that I haven’t felt accepted. I digress. It was a place where people of all walks of life could go and hang out. I loved the way people dressed. Some wore as little as possible. Everyone looked amazing.

The place was always packed. The lights were low and occasionally, they had a dominatrix.

This one evening, a bunch of us went to the club. The memories run together. I can’t say for sure what else happened that night, but the stage (yep, stage) was set up for a dominatrix. For $10 a member of the audience could go up on stage, get handcuffed to the wooden ‘X’ and get spanked by various instruments. After watching a couple people, I decided I want to do it… my late husband whole heartedly agreed.

So I want up on stage, got strapped in and waited for the spankings. The dominatrix, a woman, used a paddle, a whip, and other instruments that I cannot now remember. It felt incredible. I had an orgasm in front of the entire audience. I don’t know if anyone knew that was happening but happen it did. It was intense. It still brings an absolute smile to my face.

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