Daily Prompt: Silk

From The Grey House:

Vincent woke from his dream with a frustrated howl. His hands were balled into fists, with the sheet entwined in his fingers. He loosened his grip and smoothed out his red silk sheet, checking for damage. Assured it was not torn, he threw the sheet back and rose from his bed.

The curtains were drawn back revealing the protected deck. Joseph was placing a laptop and a manila folder on the wrought iron table. Vincent walked out to the deck and accepted the folder Joseph handed him. He glanced at the papers inside; quickly scanning the small amount of information Markus and Joseph had gathered on Natalia. He put the folder aside, feigning disinterest to stare out the window toward the ocean. He had lived in many different places with many different views. The ocean was his favorite.

“Are they gathered?” His voice was mellow.

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