Daily Prompt: Kneel

From The Grey House:

Vincent picked Mierka up off him and got out of the bed. He wandered over to the covered window, wishing to peer out of it. The blanket covering the window was securely nailed to the wooden frame, making it hard to pull the covering back. Unable to look out the window, he simply turned and leaned against the wall next to it. “You presume to know my mind, mistress?”

She was kneeling on the bed, naked. Her usual smirk was on her lips and reflected in her eyes. “You wanted to wake up with her in your bed, didn’t you?”

Vincent growled and turned his head away from Mierka. She left the bed and came to him, running her hands over his chest.

“Mierka, leave me be.” He didn’t like being teased like this.

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