Daily Prompt: Star

From The Grey House:

“How safe is it to get a job there?” Dean asked with true worry in his voice.

“It’s a five-star restaurant. There haven’t been any killings or murders there.” Sometimes, when a vampire or other creature owned a business, there seemed to be a lot more crime than one would expect at the establishment. Vincent Grey seemed to know how to stay safe.

“Don’t you already have a job, though?”

She looked to the young man. “Dean someone needs to do this. I’m the best bet. They seem to hire more women than men.”

That wasn’t true. She had stopped by the restaurant during the lunch rush to pick up an application and during the dinner rush to drop it off. Their wait staff seemed to be a good mix of all genders, but she wanted to be the one to approach Vincent. If he wasn’t the one causing the problems in the area, she wanted to find a way to warn him of the danger of Slayers.

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