Daily Prompt: Edge

From Inside the Grey House:

“You’re used to getting things your way. You won’t with her. It’ll be interesting to watch.” He paused to take another sip of the fine brandy. “I wonder how much she’ll get away with?”

Vincent stared out the window, considering his friend’s words. He wanted to argue, but knew Joseph was right. He considered how much he had already done for the human, although he only met her four times. There was something about her, as there had been with the five other women he had had long relationships with. Something that caught his attention from the moment they met. He had taken it for granted that Natalia would stay with him after he freed her. Now, Joseph was telling him she wanted to stay, but as a human, not as a vampire. He wondered if it mattered.

The memory of last night and of what he had done to Lorraine’s female came back to him. He had allowed himself to pretend it was Natalia chained to the wall. The ferocity with which he attacked and killed her had been funneled through his frustrations of not being able to be with the human of his choice. He didn’t believe he would rip Natalia’s throat out. What of the fact that she didn’t want to be changed? Did it matter? He turned back to Joseph, who was now sitting on the edge of the desk, swirling the last sip of brandy in the glass.

“How much have any of them gotten away with, Joseph? As long as she doesn’t betray me or hurt any in our family, she’ll have what she wants.”

“What does she want? Do you really know?”

“No, but I’ll get it out of her.”

“She’s in the master bedroom as you asked. Will you be using that room for a while?”

“Until I trust her, yes. Bring my clothing down from my room at the first opportunity.”

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