Daily Prompt: Improve

“Rabbit” was the first word that came up today. I laughed a little as I didn’t think I had used that word in any part of the trilogy. Then remembered I used “rabbit” at least once in the first book. Because there are rabbits on Vincent’s estate. As that is in the first book, and not the second, I had to find another word.

From Inside the Grey House:

“How? He has no idea.” She sounded perturbed.

Vincent strolled over and grabbed her bandaged arm. He squeezed, giving her a mean look as he did so. He was angrier than ever before. His mood didn’t improve when she kept in her pain and gave him a dirtier look. “You left your blood. That’s all he needs.”

“Bullshit. You’re the only vampire I’ve ever heard of that can tell one human’s blood from another. And if for some reason Edwin can, he’s never met me. All he knows is that a human killed his men, not which one.”

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