Daily Prompt: Canvas

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia pulled some rope out of her backpack as she walked into the bedroom. Charlie was just placing the man on the bed. She walked around the bed, tying Jeffery’s hands and feet to the bed’s metal frame with sections of silk rope. Done, she sat on the bed and pulled out a small black canvas case about the size of a personal organizer. She unzipped the case, exposing various syringes and vials of different shapes.

Charlie stared at the contents, very uncertain of what she was contemplating. Did he trust that she knew what she was doing? Absolutely. Did he really want to watch while she did it? The werewolf had to admit, he wasn’t too sure. Charlie shook his head and waited to see if he had to intervene. He wondered what Vincent would think about all this and realized the vampire probably wouldn’t care, as long as nothing could be traced back to him.

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