Daily Prompt: Wait

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent was lost in his thoughts. He wanted to question her about the sword, but her words of earlier kept coming back to him. She had called them ‘our men’ and repeated the words he spoke at the beginning of every training session. The words were rattling around in his brain, threatening to start a maelstrom. He kept silent, wanting to wait until they reached the house to say anything. There were some things he liked to keep private.

Once back at the house, Vincent woke Lilly, helping her and Natalia out of the car. Charlie hurried to the trunk before anyone could take the sword. He placed it on the hood of the trunk, not sure of what to do with it. Natalia came over and started to look at it. Joseph came down to the garage to update Vincent on certain matters. They spoke quietly as Natalia examined the sword.

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