Daily Prompt: Rub

From Inside the Grey House:

Grinding his teeth and hoping not to have any more interruptions, Vincent hurried to his office to check on Natalia. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch. Lilly sat beside her, looking just as haggard. The wolves were in the same spot. Vincent went to Natalia, kneeling in front of her. He placed one hand on her knee. The other went to her cheek.

“Natalia?” He was trying to hide his emotions but failed. There was worry there.

She rubbed her cheek against his hand, sighing as his touch woke her up a bit.

“Vincent.” It was more sigh than speech. She looked very tired, but also relieved.

Vincent looked back at Charlie, who was still protecting the sword. He wanted to know more about it, needed to know how a metal sword could kill a vampire and do nothing to a werewolf. When she closed her eyes and leaned into his hand, he decided. He picked her up in her arms and turned to the wolves.

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