Daily Prompt: Declaration

From Inside the Grey House:

She left then, not letting Natalia say a word. It took a moment for Natalia to comprehend what just happened. Thrown off by the declaration, she ate the rest of the sandwich and drank the orange juice without tasting either. Mierka said ‘us’. Natalia took that to mean she had Joseph and Mierka’s protection, should something happen to Vincent. She didn’t know why Mierka told her this now but understood that despite her actions of last night or perhaps because of them, she held a high place with the three main vampires in the house. She stood with pride, held her head high and readied herself for her conversation with Edwin.

As she stood flexing and stretching, she thought about what to wear and wondered what would be appropriate. Vincent’s words about her to Edwin last night came back to her and she smirked. She knew exactly what to wear. Natalia grabbed the silk robe off the bed, swung it on and walked out of the bedroom while tying the robe. Before leaving the room, Natalia turned to her nightstand and grabbed her cell phone. If she were about to confront Edwin, she wanted to know who would be in the security room. She dialed the number for the room and Joseph picked up.

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