Daily Prompt: Technique

From Inside the Grey House:

She didn’t know much about Kimberly and her man Owen. They fought well and followed Vincent’s rules, but seemed to need to hunt in the city far more than any of the other vampires. Vincent, Joseph, Mierka, Dr. Elving and Ben only took their blood from the humans in Vincent’s house. When she had first entered Vincent’s house, Natalia asked the vampires for information on their hunting techniques so she could make sure not to track Vincent’s people. Owen targeted the homeless, being careful never to kill anyone; Kimberly preferred picking up drunken single men in newly opened bars. She never killed her prey either, but it was still best not to have anyone recognize her. Going to new places lessened the chance that someone would remember her.

Natalia went back through the paperwork and saw Jeffery’s notes stated there was a new bar near Golden Gate Park. No wonder he had been there more in the past few weeks. Knowing that one of Vincent’s people was in danger, Natalia slammed the papers back onto the desk and ran to the door. She had the presence of mind to lock the door on the way out, then raced down the steps, out the back door and to her car. She yanked open the car door; fell into the seat, startling Charlie. The wolf yelped as she slammed the door shut. He changed to his human form, staying low to ensure no one saw him.

“What the hell?”

“He’s hunting Kimberly.”

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