Daily Prompt: Give

From Inside the Grey House:

Edwin stood speechless as she passed, stuffed the kerchief in his pocket, reached out to grab her, and missed. She was too fast. She was already out in the main part of the room, seemingly waiting for him. “Vinny, tell your human to obey me and give me her blood.”

“I don’t belong to him. If you want something from me, you’ll have to actually address me.”

She stood tall, staring at him. When he turned to address Vincent, she scanned the room. She saw that Mierka, Ben and Owen were herding the three young ones out of the room. She also noticed four of Edwin’s men trying to get closer to her. The other people in the room were moving away from her and Edwin, leaving a wide-open space between her, Edwin and the private corner. The ones trying to reach her were being pushed back.

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