Daily Prompt: Calculating

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent stopped circling to consider the human before him and her proposal. His usual rules wouldn’t work, really. He had no desire to drain her blood and she had no reason to drink his. Her proposal wasn’t a bad one, and he could easily win against her. Their eyes locked again, and he realized the look in her eye had changed just the smallest amount. It was a calculating look. The woman was plotting her own tactics. A smile came to his face as a low growl once again escaped his lips. He would win the first round easy, fight her a bit for the second, but he would ultimately win.

“All right. Two out of three.” He turned away.

Natalia was pressed against the wall before she could react. She tried to stop the scream ripping through her throat and could not. The bellow of pain brought a cold, blood stained smile to Vincent’s face. He looked her dead in the eye, licked his lips and gave her a nasty satisfied smile.

“One.” He reached into his pocket, grabbed a handkerchief and threw it to Natalia.

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