Daily Prompt: Tuned

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent stepped forward again, grasped her shoulders and kissed both her cheeks as a Frenchman would. He let her go, turned to Charlie and gave the werewolf a slight bow. “You may both leave when your affairs are in order. For now, let’s join the others. Natalia has won the first round.”

He left the room, expecting the men to follow. Rebecca stayed behind to watch the monitors. She tuned the screens to all have different camera views but kept the main one focused on the fight. As the three men walked down the hallway, a tiny Natalia and a tiny Joseph squared off again. Rebecca winced in empathetic pain as the blur that was Joseph slammed the human against the wall. When Vincent entered the ballroom, Joseph had her pinned to the wall, her sword arm behind her, his hand wrapped around her throat. Each had now won one round. Rebecca settled back in the comfortable chair to watch the next match, which she suspected would be between Vincent and Joseph.

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