Daily Prompt: Labored

From Inside the Grey House:

“Charlie!” Her voice came out red as blood bubbled up her throat. A lone wolf extracted itself reluctantly from the melee and padded over, snout, forepaws and chest spotted crimson with blood. She saw Vincent approaching too, but carefully waved him away. The movement caused the sword to shift and cut into her a little more. She felt a warm hand on her outstretched arm and Lilly, who had been standing by in the security room, told her she would be all right. As the pain took hold of her, she questioned her healer’s words. Her breathing was labored, and she felt like she was slipping. She wondered briefly what hell would be like, knowing she did have a way out.

Charlie, now human and naked, but still spotted with blood, knelt beside her. Vincent had a moment of jealousy when the wolf took her hand. “Nat?”

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