Daily Prompt: Children

From Inside the Grey House:

Two years ago, Edwin hosted his last advertised Red Tie Affair. He held one last year, but Vincent and his lot were not invited. They learned about it the day after the party, when the bodies of twenty children were discovered in an abandoned warehouse, mutilated beyond recognition. Six months ago, Edwin gave Vincent an ultimatum: host his coronation at The Red Thread or face carnage worse than the year before. Not wanting to bring more Slayers into the area, Vincent agreed.

Edwin would be declaring Christopher officially dead. There was no proof, but the Captain had been gone for over seven years. Before his disappearance, Christopher had been a public man, getting his face in the papers to keep his businesses in the public eye. Since no one, human or vampire, had heard from him since he left on his last expedition, he had been officially declared dead by human laws. Edwin jumped on the bandwagon.

Edwin wanted Vincent to do so as well.

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