Daily Prompt: Quality

From Inside the Grey House:

“He’s an old vampire, takes more than a staff in the gut to stop him.” There was a mocking quality to his voice as he almost imitated the master fighter.

Natalia laughed around the water bottle straw. It made both men feel better. She took some more swallows of water, slowly. Her stomach was rolling; she felt like throwing up. She took the bottle and placed it on her leg, holding it steady with one hand. Looking at Vincent she willed her vision to clear. There was concern on his face. She reached out a shaking hand to touch his cheek. Vincent saw the sheer determination taking over and stopped being worried. His hand stole over hers as he turned his head to kiss the palm of her hand. Natalia, still able to focus, noticed Joseph standing nearby. She took two quivering breaths.

“Did I win?”

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